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Murder Mystery Tickets

Tickets to next year’s Murder Mystery will be available from 18:00 tonight (13/Dec/17). Click the Murder Mystery tab above for more details and to access the ticket ordering system.

Ticket Orders will be dealt with on a first come, first served basis.

Note: Only one single ticket is now left.

Red Bull Win for Ian!!!

Ian Shonk, architect of the Mountsorrel REVIVAL, is also the organiser of the Soap Box race at our event. This year though he raised the stakes and, along with a few friends, entered the Red Bull Soap Box race which was held this year at Alexandra Palace in front of 20,000 people.  And guess what? They won!!

Checkout the Red Bull site

Ian and the team on the winner’s podium.

Team Brooklands Special took the win


REVIVAL on Radio Leicester

REVIVAL was featured on Ben Jackson’s mid-morning show today (Thursday 11th May) when Ian Shonk and Ross Tomlyn went along to promote the event on local radio.

You can listen to the session here by clicking the following picture of Ben to take you to the catch up page on the radio Leicester site. Then press play to start the programme playback and finally scroll through to about the 1 hour and 36 minutes mark to hear the slot.

Fashion Show & Sale

The Fashion Show & Sale will be held on Thursday 9th March at the Working Men’s Club in Mountsorrel starting at 7.30p.m. There is a £5 admission, the proceeds from which will go towards the cost of entertainment at the Mountsorrel REVIVAL on Sunday 13th August.

The Show is presented by SOS Charity Fashion Shows who bring along ladies clothing for all ages, sizes and occasions. All are from well known high street shops but are priced at discounts of  up to 75%.

Tickets can be purchased prior to the event by contacting Sandra on: 07850 548826.

Click here to see our dedicated webpage for more details