Events Calendar

Our Mountsorrel Community Events Calendar includes all Events organised by the MCT as well as those organised by our Partners in the village too. Note: MCT Events appear with orange titles.

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About The Mountsorrel Events Calendar

Popup_InfoPanelThe Mountsorrel Community Team (MCT) maintains this calendar which includes all MCT organised events as well as many events organised by our Partners, such as the Heritage Group, the WI, the PSFA, the local churches and the Sorrel Youth Café.

Popup_InfoPanelWhen the Calendar first loads the it shows events for the next few weeks. To show more events either scroll-down (swipe down if you are using a touch sensitive device) or click Look for more under the last event.

Popup_InfoPanelClick the Title of any event to show all the details such as start and finish times, the event’s location, a description of the event, etc.

Popup_InfoPanelEvent titles are coloured orange if they are organised by the MCT and blue if they are organised by one of our Partner organisations.  Click on the small down arrow Calendar Down Arrowin the top right-hand corner of the calendar if you only want to view one of these event types.

Popup_InfoPanelIf you are an organiser of Mountsorrel Community Events and you would like to publicise your events here, please get in touch using our Contact Us form.