Terms & Conditions (REVIVAL 2019)

You must agree to these Terms & Conditions (REVIVAL 2019) in your application before you submit it. Please read this document carefully before you proceed.

In the following text:
The Event” refers to the Mountsorrel REVIVAL 2019.
You” or “Your” refers to the person or organisation for which the booking is made.
We” or “Us” refers to the Mountsorrel Community Team who are the event organisers.


  1. The Event will be held on Sunday 11th August 2019.
  2. The Event will be open to visitors from 11:00 until 16:30.
  3. Equipment setup will be between 09:00 and 11:00.
  4. The Event is intended as a local event and we will give priority to pitch applications from local businesses and organisations. If you intend to travel more than 25 miles to join us this may not be an event for you; checkout our website to make sure you understand our ethos before you apply.


  1. All pitch applications must be made using our on-line application form.
    • Once your application is received by us, we will process it.
    • If your application is Approved by us, we will send you an Approval email which will confirm our pitch offer to you. It will also confirm the price, explain our payment methods, and state the latest date by which you must make payment to secure your pitch.
    • Once your payment has been received by us, we will send you a Payment Receipt email.
    • We will write to you again about 10-days before the Event with full details of what you will need to do on the day.
  2. We have limits for some types of pitches (e.g. ice cream sellers) and will not exceed those limits even if all pitches are not sold.
  3. You must tell us, when asked in your application, whether you intend to supply food (no matter whether you charge for it or not) as we are required to pass the details of all our food providers to Charnwood Borough Council’s Environmental Health department. We need to collect several details from you. Not being registered or not having a hygiene rating does not preclude some providers from still attending (e.g. those that infrequently provide teas, coffees and cakes)
  4. You are responsible for the safety of any structure, equipment, products or activities on your pitch and any Public Liability (PL) associated with them. We strongly recommend that you have PL Insurance before attending the event. Note: If you do NOT have PL Insurance you will be asked to indemnify us against any Public Liability during the booking process.
  5. Car Parking space is not included with most pitches. If you have a special requirement and need your vehicle to be nearby you must tell us in box labelled ‘Pitch Note’.
  6. You are responsible for the handling and disposal of any rubbish generated by your pitch’s activities.


  1. All Internal Pitches will be located inside the new Memorial Centre.
  2. You may choose either a single or double width pitch. A single width will be provided with one 1.8 metre table and 2 chairs. A double width pitch will be provided with two 1.8 metre tables and three chairs.


  1. External pitches are located on the Green, the Memorial Centre car park, the Memorial Playing Field, the Market Place and on the Waterside Inn car park.
  2. Pitches on the Green and on the Memorial Playing Field are on grass; pitches at all other locations are on hard standing.
  3. If you bring a gazebo or any other structure you must be able to secure it against windy conditions. Make sure that you can secure your structure for the type of surface allocated (see previous point for surface types).
  4. We will try to satisfy your preferred pitch location (if you specify one) but if we cannot we will tell you in your Approval email before you pay. You can view the Event Pitch Location Map here (opens in new tab).
  5. A standard external pitch is 3 metres wide, but you may select other sizes at additional cost during the booking process.
  6. If you put any equipment on your pitch such as a gazebo, food van or similar it must fit within the pitch width that you select in your application. If it does not, we will not be able to change the pitch size on the day of the Event.
  7. All equipment required for your pitch must be supplied by you.
  8. You must tell us, when asked in your application, if:
    • Your pitch needs to be more than 4 metres in depth (i.e. front to back)
    • You intend to play or perform music. If you do you are responsible for ensuring that you have the correct licences to do so.
    • You are going to produce noise which may impact on adjacent stalls, attractions or nearby residents.
  9. We have very limited access to electricity supplies for external pitches. You must tell us, when asked in your application, if you need a mains electrical supply. Although we will try our best to meet your need it may result in us not being able to accommodate you at the event. Note: The provision of electricity by us carries a £10 surcharge.


  1. Your pitch booking is not secured until we have received your full payment.
  2. Your payment must be received by us by 01/May/2019 or within 7-days of your pitch application being approved (whichever is later) otherwise we may re-allocate it. Late applications may require payment sooner. Your latest payment date will be stated in your Approval Email.
  3. Our charges cover the cost of your pitch only. No other product or service is included unless stated in your Approval email.
  4. If you pay us by money transfer (our preferred method) ensure that you include your Application ID in the transaction details. Your Application ID will be shown in your Approval email.
  5. If you pay us by cheque ensure that you put Your Name, Business/Organisation Name and your Application ID on the back of your cheque. Your Application ID will be shown in your Approval email.


  1. We reserve the right to cancel the Event in extreme circumstances. If the Event has to be cancelled, we will give you the maximum possible notice.
  2. If the Event is cancelled due to Force Majeure we will not issue refunds and will not be liable for any costs you may have incurred in preparing for the Event. Force Majeure is defined as anything outside of our control which would jeopardise the safety of visitors, attraction providers or stall holders if the Event went ahead. Also, it includes orders to cancel the event from an official body such as the police or government.
  3. If we cancel the event for any other reason, we will return any money paid to us for your pitch but will NOT be responsible for any loss or other costs incurred by you as a result of the cancellation.


  1. The location of the Registration Point will be detailed in your pre-event documentation. It will be open from 09:00 until 11:00
  2. On Arrival you must go to the Registration Point to sign in. Do NOT attempt to set up your pitch before signing in.
  3. Once you have signed in, we will issue you with your Pitch Pack which will include:
    • Details of your pitch location
    • A blank risk-assessment
    • A free copy of the REVIVAL programme
    • A generic Allergens Notice for food providers
    • Helpful guidance notes for any pitches using LPG
    • If applicable, any parking details including any passes
  4. Once your pitch is set-up you must carry out an on-site risk assessment using the form supplied by us to help minimise any potential hazards.
  5. You are responsible for the safety of your pitch including any structure, equipment, products or activities that you put/perform on it.
  6. You are responsible for the handling and disposal of any rubbish generated by your pitch’s activities
  7. We reserve the right to close any stall or attraction which is being operated unsafely or is contravening these Terms & Conditions.
  8. Occasionally locations or layouts may need to be changed on the day of the Event. Please work with the organisers and follow their instructions if this is necessary.