Meet the MCT Team

Find out who’s in the MCT and how you can join.

Check the list below to see how the team is made up and the roles that each member performs. The MCT is always on the lookout for new members to help organise village events or for others who may just want to help on the day. Complete our Volunteer to Help form if you want to register your interest.

There’s no obligation if you decide that it’s not for you after finding out more.

Team Member Name
Team Roles
Face of Barry Utteridge Barry Utteridge Chair and
 Face of Sandra Utteridge Sandra Utteridge Team Member
Minutes Secretary
  Ross Tomlyn Team Member
Face of Christopher John Hipwell Christopher John Hipwell Team Member
Dawn Kilsby Team Member
Ed Sutton Team Member
Caroline Moss Team Member
Gen Lovegrove Team Member
Craig Smith Team Member
Martin Dickman Team Member
Malcolm Lee Team Member
Angie Smith Team Member
Deputy Treasurer
Jill Lemon Team Member
Photo of Ian Shonk Ian Shonk Associate Member
Creative Content Consultant
Nicola Murray Associate Member
Mountsorrel Schools’ Liaison
Rachel Winsor Associate Member
Churches Together Liaison
Hiron Miah Associate Member
Charnwood Borough Council Liaison
Andy Lamb Associate Member
Electrical Safety Consultant