Pancake Race 2016

Despite the heavy rain which rendered the Village Green too wet for racing the alternative venue in the Youth Café proved a great hit. The café was packed from start to finish with everyone having a great time. The races had to revert to ‘plan B’ which was a ‘pancake flipping’ competition instead. 🙂

Contestants had to see how many times they could flip a pancake in 30 seconds. Team games were similar but the team members had to flip a single pancake between each of the team members.

And below are just a few of the 250+ images from the day taken by our in-house photographer, Kev B. You can purchase any of the full-size images with the copyright watermark removed directly from Kev. Any proceeds from the sale of these photographs will be split between future MCT events, Dementia Care and the Stroke Association.



And those of you that were up-and-about early on the day of the Races might have spotted that the Sorrel Youth Café, and our event, were the subject of a Radio Leicester clue in their regular Sunday morning hike around the county known as ‘Clueless’. Here are a few photos from their visit.

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