REVIVAL Road Closures

Sunday 13th August 2023


Watling Street, Sileby Road and the Green will be closed for safety reasons from 10:00 to 17:00.
The old main road from Bond Lane along the old A6 to the Green will be closed during the Parade and Fun Run from 12:00 to 12:40.
Buses will be diverted.


Phase 1: Closure times:  from 10:00 to 17:00 (60 mins before the event to 30 mins after it closes)

A. Sileby Road:

Section to be closed: Sileby road from its junction with the Market Place to a point just to the west of the junction with the A6 bypass. The bypass will therefore remain accessible from Sileby/Barrow in both directions. A diversion via the Waitrose roundabout will be signed.

Why does it need to be closed? Large numbers of people walk along the narrow sections of Sileby Road from the event car park and attractions at the Waterside to the rest of the REVIVAL. They all have to pass over the hump-back bridge and along other sections of the road where there are no pavements.

Bus Services: Unaffected

B. Watling Street:

Section to be closed:  From the junction with the Market Place to a point approx. 50 metres up that road to a point about level with the Castle View Nursery.

Why does it need to be closed? The Butter Market is the REVIVAL music stage. Closing Watling Street allow visitors to stand safely on the closed section of Watling Street and also to access to nearby stalls . This won’t need a diversion as only Watling street residents are affected. Access will still be available via Crown Lane and egress via the Navins.

Bus Services: Unaffected

C. The Green:

Section to be closed:  Both roadways which run up the Green from Leicester Road to the top of the Green just short of the Navins. A diversion will be signposted via Bier way.

Why does it need to be closed? Because REVIVAL uses both sides of the green this closure allows us to keep visitors safe as they cross from one side to the other. As the Green is also the end point for the Parade/Fun-Run it also provides a safe area for people involved in the parade and fun-run to disseminate in safety after they finish.

Bus Services: Buses will be diverted along Bier way and Leicester Road.

Phase 2: Closure times: 12:00 to 12:40 (i.e. the duration of the Parade and Fun Run)

D. The Old -A6:

Section to be closed:  The section of the old-A6 through Mountsorrel including part of Loughborough Road just south of its junction with Bond Lane through the Market Place and then along Leicester Road to a point just south of its junction with the Green. A diversion will be sign posted.

Why does it need to be closed? This is a short closure to permit the safe passage of our Parade and Fun-Run. It is a rolling closure with the closure just South of Bond Lane being reopened behind the parade as it moves towards the Green. We will place a vehicle at the end of the Parade to prevent any vehicles getting close to the people walking in the parade. Once the vehicle at the end of the parade turns into the Green the old-A6 will effectively be re-open.

Bus Services: Buses will be diverted along the A6 bypass and Bier Way for the duration of the Parade.