Village Competitions

Unfortunately registering for our village competitions closed at midnight on Wednesday 7th August and it is no longer possible to enter.

The competitions are:

  • Photography
  • Scone Baking
  • Decorate a Biscuit (for young people aged 12 or under only)

Waitrose are kindly supplying the prizes for the Photography and Baking competitions.

An outline of the rules for each competition are set out below. You can view the full set of Competition Rules here (opens in new tab).

Photography Competition

All non-professional photographers can enter.

The theme is ‘Mountsorrel Life’. Entrants can submit a maximum of 3 photographs entered as prints up to 8” by 10” (203 mm x 254 mm) in size. Prints may be Black & White or Colour.

Entrants can enhance a photograph to make it brighter, clearer etc, but not manipulate its content.

Prints should not be framed but may be mounted on white card. Optionally each print may be given a title.

Judging will consider a range of factors including how well they illustrate the theme of the competition, composition, originality, and technical ability. Age will be taken into consideration if 16 or under.

Scone Baking Competition

All non-professional bakers can enter.

Entrants should submit 4 to 6 scones. Only fruit scones are permitted. Scones must not contain any other filling or other external decoration.

Scones should be presented on a plate no more than 10″ (254 mm) in diameter.

Scones will be judged on presentation, texture, and taste. Age will be taken into consideration if 16 or under.

Decorate a Biscuit Competition

Only young people aged 12 or under may enter.

Entrants should decorate up to 3 rich tea or digestive biscuits in whatever manner they prefer. Decorations should not protrude beyond the edge of the biscuit. Decorations must be edible although the biscuits will not be tasted.

Biscuits must be presented on a paper plate.

Entries will be judged on creative content, originality and the age of the decorator.